How to Reach

Specific instructions: i) Do not take right when you reach Kumarhatti.

ii) Take passage leading to barog and subsequently to Pinegrove.


How to reach by Train:

--Himalayan Queen--

From Delhi to Chandigarh / Kalka

Departure: 06:00am Arrival: 11:20am

--Kalka Shatabdi--

From Delhi to Chandigarh / Kalka

Departure: 07:40am Arrival: 12:00am

Departure: 05:15pm Arrival: 09:15pm

--Kalka Express(Howrah) --

From Delhi to Kalka

Departure: 10:50pm Arrival: 05:00am

--Paschim Express--

From Delhi to Kalka

Departure: 11:00am Arrival: 04:05pm


By Air:

Kingfisher Red Airlines

From Delhi to Shimla

Departure: 7:45 am Arrival 8:55 am
----Daily flight----

Kingfisher Red Airlines

From Shimla to Delhi

Departure: 9:25 am Arrival 10:30 am

Useful Information


About Solan:

Solan is a city and a municipal committee in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Named after the goddess Shoolini,

it is known as the "mushroom city of India" because of the mushroom centre situated at Chambaghat.

The district is better known for the Mohan Meakin's brewery (reputed to be India's oldest brewery) and the famous Old Monk XXX RUM,

Solan No. 1 whiskey and Golden Eagle beer.

The town is situated midway between Chandigarh (joint capital of Punjab and Harayana) and Shimla (British summer capital of India).

Solan is located at 30°55′N 77°07′E / 30.92°N 77.12°E / 30.92; 77.12.[1] It has an average elevation of 1467 metres (4812 feet).

The highest point is atop Mt. Karol from where the transmission tower at Kasauli is visible.It also has the Pandava's cave

near the top of the Mountain, where Pandava's were believd to have meditated.

Solan gets light snowfall in the winters.

Solan is also known as the industrial hub of Himachal Pradesh.

One the tehsil of Solan known by the name of Nalagarh is also known as the Pharma Hub as after the introduction of Special Subsidies

by the Prime Minister of India in the year 1999 almost all major Companies came and established their units out over here.

Solan is also developing as education hub of Himachal.